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You can read more about How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.


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Safe Guarding Policy

Care in Haslemere is now required by the Charity Commission to have a Safe Guarding Policy that includes procedures and measures to protect our clients.


The Policy has to be made public and reviewed regularly and kept up to date.


Essentially it is to alert all our volunteers to the possibility of any of our clients being the victims of abuse.


The abuse can take many forms - physical, mental, sexual, financial or neglect, either intentional or otherwise.


The signs to look out for might be changes in known behaviour, neglected appearance, or physical signs such as bruises.


If any volunteer has any suspicion that a client may be a victim of abuse we ask that they report their concerns to the Committee via the Care Office. Any such communication will be handled in the strictest confidence.


If appropriate the matter can then be referred to the relevant agency, e.g. police or social services.


Care in Haslemere Committee May 2018


Download Safe Guarding PDF fabric

Data Protection Policy

Care in Haslemere is legally obliged to follow certain rules relating to any personal data that it stores or uses whether in hard copy or on a computer, memory stick, disc or mobile phone. This policy sets out the guidelines that all volunteers must follow to comply with those legal rules.


What personal data is covered?

  • Client Details (name, address, telephone number and e mail) in any paper or electronic files – their purpose is to provide information to drivers to help them look after clients and in case of emergency. Care in Haslemere will not disclose their details to a third party except in an emergency.

  • Volunteer personal details (name, address, telephone number, e mail and possibly details of criminal offences) in paper or electronic files - Care in Haslemere needs to keep these details on file to operate the Charity.

  • Photographs of clients/volunteers taken for website or advertising material - stored on phones/computer/memory stick or disc.

Some items are stored in the Care in Haslemere Office, on the Care in Haslemere or Committee members’ personal computers / phones / memory sticks or discs.


Obligations about the personal data

1. Personal data must only be kept for the purposes set out above and not used for any other purposes.

2. Personal data is confidential and must be stored safely and securely:

  • Records kept in the Care in Haslemere Office must be locked away in the Office when the office is not staffed by a volunteer. Records must not be left with any third party;

  • Personal data must not be shown or given to any third party (except in an emergency);

  • any computer or mobile phone holding any of the personal data must be protected by a secure pass code.

3. Personal data must not be kept for longer than is necessary:

  • Client Details Forms must be destroyed if clients withdraw from Care in Haslemere, upon notification of the death of a client or if the client has not used the Car Service for more than three years. Note: Data for Gift Aid purposes has to be retained for seven years.

  • Volunteer personal details will be deleted when the volunteer leaves Care in Haslemere.

  • Photos of volunteers or clients must not be stored for longer than they are needed for the administration of the website.


The Data Protection Lead appointed by Care in Haslemere Committee will carry out an annual review to ensure that this policy is being followed. A copy of this policy will be given to all volunteers when they join Care in Haslemere.


DATED: 30 MAY 2018

Download Data Protection PDF