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Care in Haslemere Volunteer Driver
Care In Haslemere Duty Officer

Volunteer Driver providing assistance

Duty Officer taking phone request

If you like driving, meeting people, and have the time, you could find volunteering for Care is satisfying and rewarding.  Volunteers are asked to give just a few hours of their time, time which is given freely, but never leaving them out of pocket.  Care volunteers can claim the government recommended amount of 45p per mile for any journey.
If you are interested in volunteering for Care in Haslemere please phone the office (01428 652505) between 10 am and 12 noon Mondays to Fridays.
Alternatively, please call in at the office, at the Methodist Church during those hours and give your details to the duty officer, or send a message from our contact page.

For Drivers there is a mandatory DBS check (previously CRB) and you have to be under 81 years of age. Care does arrange for a driving assessment for volunteers over the age of 81 and if you pass you can continue to drive for Care.
Drivers must have a current Driving Licence and Car Insurance.  They must check that their Insurance Company covers them for voluntary driving. This is usually classed as social use, but if there is an extra charge, Care in Haslemere will pay.
Drivers are reimbursed for fuel and depreciation costs at the government-recommended amount of 45p per mile and Clients are asked to make a donation towards the cost of the trip.  It is suggested to the Clients how much this might be when the journey is booked.

Duty Officer

Duty Officers have no age limit , nor do they have to be computer literate.  Care operates from an office in the Methodist Church during the hours stated above.

Duty Officers take phone requests from Clients and find them a driver.  The driver needs to know if there are any special problems, such as disabilities, the client might have.  All trips are logged.

Duty Officers are responsible for collecting Client's donations from the drivers and for paying out the mileage allowances.

There is plenty of opportunity for training.


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